Games Development by the People, For the People

You might find this a weird suggestion, but it is true that, your games development can attain much better result and greater success if your games are created in assistance with the users themselves. Not many people will agree to this, but developing beta versions of your games and leaving it to the users to process is quite an interesting way of games development and as a matter of fact has also attained substantial results too. Lets see the impact of launching the beta or public version of your gaming site and decide if it is good or bad for your site.

The positive aspects of games development by public is that it is going to be quite critical which, as a matter of fact is a good thing to have. When the players themselves are developing the game, they will naturally pay attention at every minute aspect of the site and point out loop holes which, might be overlooked by a developer. Hence it will help you develop a game that is closest to the user’s requirement. Hence, the popularity of the game too will be greater.

While, your game development is being done by the users in stages, you are being able to create a rapport with them. You are able to grow an individual mailing list too. Which, you can utilize for your email marketing campaigns later. This is the second benefit of having games developed by the users themselves.

The next positive impact of players games development is that it spreads like wild fire. A player who has played your testing version and has attempted to contribute to your games development program, will recommend this to another friend, and the chain will carry on. This will help in publicising your website across the net too.

When players begin to shoulder the responsibility of games development for you, they get more and more involved in the activities that are carried out in your site. This will result in regular visits of these people to your site, which means more traffic and definitely higher ranking.

Just because your games development [] responsibility is upon the public it does not mean that you have no work in site development. You task is to keep developing things according to the suggestions that you have received. Mind you, not all of these suggestions are always good. So make sure that you are utilizing these suggestions wisely and coming up with a games website that is genuinely by the people and for the people

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Online Game Development India

Online games development refers to those that are developed and played over form of computer network. It varies from simple text based games to games featured with intricate graphics and virtual world populated by many players simultaneously. Today, the development of different online games in India is gradually picking up the market with rapidly increasing Internet cafe culture and broadband penetration. In past few years the progress in the development of web-based games in India has shown some positive escalating graph in various statistics.

These days’ net surfers are discovering internet games, intrigued by the community aspects, compelling content and the interactive experience. Internet cafe owners are stocking additional games as they are proving to be one of the biggest revenue drivers. Net games have come a long way from being an easy pastime to becoming multi-dimensional, competitive gaming with cutting-edge technology.

Looking at the present scenario nowadays these games are acting as a valuable medium for brand promotion. They are powerful viral products used for traffic generation, training and education. Gaining its popularity the development of net game contests allows the user to play a game online with a free product as the prize. At the end of the game, the user is re-directed to your product site. As per recent study it has been established that making the brand as an element of web-based game can achieve up-to 60% increase in consciousness for a new product.

Just like the boom of software industry the scope of Indian internet game developers is growing. While development is very complex process and can be developed only by having the right combination of programming and creative effort, companies are developing net games across various platforms like Java, BREW, I-Mode, Flash Lite and Symbian. Making the best use of different types of programming like 3D Graphics Programming, Real-time Motion simulation and 2D/3D Math Algorithms currently many companies takes conscious efforts to design customized online games that can optimize brand impression. As per Quentin Staes-Polet, digital media executive of IBM Global Services, Indian developers have the potential to turn this region into a main outsourcing center for the development of web-based games.

Moreover, according to a new report by San Francisco-based analyst and consulting firm Pearl Research, it has been estimated that the internet game market in India will exceed $200 million in 2010. With both local and international publishers has started investing in the Indian internet games market, today online game development represents one of the few feasible publishing models in a country where software piracy rates go beyond 85%. In addition to this after monitoring Indian market, leading Korean publishers view India as a new potential multi-million dollar market with its large, young and urban population hungry for content.

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